i know it’s a little over the top but that’s how festive i am

i played this on the computer we have in our dining room while my family was eating dinner

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gay people like rupaul’s drag race because it’s like sports for straight people. we know the stats, the players’ history, and we can talk about it for hours and you can like go to bars and watch and cheer on your faves like yas my favorite sport is drag racing yas


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i have never seen anyone fuck up this masterfully

i would have cut the shit out of that texas girl when the show ended she fucked him up

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Miley Cyrus fan reacts after learning her show in Charlotte, NC was cancelled

me last year after btwb was over tbh

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if youre going to the philly artrave

stay the fuck out of my way when swine comes on

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when a useless character dies



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i’m deleting

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don’t you fucking joke around about gaga’s hip is it really hurting her is that why she’s visited the hospital??

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this girl from the college i am going to asked if i had tumblr

of course i said no

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hahaha it’s ironic she’s wearing a ship hoodie

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this asshole

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